Personal Narrative: Brace For My Life

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Brace for it “Believe me, no one hates braces as much as me” Beth a young teenaged girl from Arizona says to her friends. Having braces for three years prior Beth hated them and could not wait to get them off and had nightmares about having her braces stuck on forever. “i feel like I'm going to be stuck with these on forever! Can you imagine an old person with a wrinkly old face with braces on” she said. Beth could not bear to imagine her braces never coming off and was already excited for the day they do come off if they ever will she pondered. One seemingly normal day Beth woke up to a very different situation. As the leaves rolled through the town the streets were empty and the only glimpse of life was the ghosts of the boys and girls…show more content…
She planned to find her family once she had got these demonic wires removed from her teeth. After searching the house nothing was to be found to help her find where everyone had gone, not a clue was found and even her little brother's bed was nicely made in which it never was which was very strange. After leaving the house Beth ventures down the road headed to the medical centre on the other side of town which she thought would surely have people there who could help her and give the facts of what has happened. Beth stumbles upon a flyer stating that the town fare was only starting tomorrow as these flyers were placed throughout the town in the shop windows. She figured that people from out of the town might have survived and would be able to tell her what has happened. That night heads back to her house so she can get some rest before she goes to the fair tomorrow in hopes of finding people that can help her. Struggling to sleep that familiar sharp pain in her gums keeps her awake until she can't bare to keep her sore eyes
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