Personal Narrative: Braswell High School

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As a junior I moved from Ryan HIgh School to Braswell High School due to my zoning with the new school. Braswell High School was a brand new high school. I attended the first year it was open in which the highest grade level they offered was juniors. Most of the students moved from their old high schools to Braswell were devastated due to the strong school spirit at their previous schools. The administration at Braswell attempted to inspire new school spirit in all the students especially the junior class. Most of the junior class were very against this idea at first including myself. At Ryan High School, I had played tennis, was in clubs, and went to most of the sporting events. I choose to do some of the same activities despite my…show more content…
When the year started our team included a lot of inexperienced, unenthused players. This was probably due to the lack of school spirit and the unpopularity of high school tennis. I worked hard to help these students and increase their love and enthusiasm for the sport. After a few weeks, I was elected by these other players as varsity team captain. As team captain, I lead by example through attending all practices, having good sportsmanship, and always giving 100 percent. I was always trying to help other players with their form and other tennis skills. During conditioning, I displayed a positive attitude and tried my best to get others to show an equally positive attitude. I also inspired school spirit in younger players by having outstanding school spirit myself. Despite my love for my old school, I tried very hard to support and love my new school in order to show leadership. As the season began our team did not have very much success in matches, but me and my co-captain always worked to make everyone stay optimistic and have a good time despite the setbacks. I always cheered on the other players and pushed others to join me. Eventually the team became a family. As a captain, I believe I lead this new team to improve both their playing and
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