Personal Narrative: Breaking Into The First Trailer

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We finally found a campsite. It sounded like a good idea at the time but now I want to go home. We found three trailers. “Gina break into the first trailer,” I told Gina. We found fresh fruit, gasoline, water, beef jerky, and beer. We can last a really long time on this. We used the gasoline to fill up the tank. We then realize that the battery was dead. So we moved to the next trailer. This one had a full battery but no gas. I then broke the tube with the gas on the other trailer, and filled up the gasoline container.

Then we filled the other trailer with gas. Inside of the second trailer had a cooler in it. We used the cooler to hold all of the food and beverages that we found. We put all of the edibles in the cooler and put it in the
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