Personal Narrative-Breaking Law

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Court I took the law for a joke. For a long time I didn’t care about the law I did anything that made me happy. Even if it was breaking the law. I would do things that you know is wrong and, what you are doing could get you in some serious trouble that might be hard to get out of. Have you ever been this person ? Well, I have, and that lead me nowhere but dealing with the cops and the courts and my mother yelling at me like I stole something which I don’t understand why because she was allowing this wrongful action for a long time. Also this action left my granny just disappointed praying for the best for me. And this action just left me scared to death wishing that I was doing what I was suppose to do to keep my freedom. Driving…show more content…
Man, I thought I was on top of the world I really did think that I was unstoppable. I went four whole months this year without getting caught. I thought that if I haven’t got caught by now that I wouldn’t get caught so I had no worries any more. I would speed, run stop signs and a lot of other actions that I know I should not do behind the wheel of a car. I was that dumb teenanger this summer that the adults cussed out for jumping in front of them almost causing accidents. I didn’t care this summer I was wild and…show more content…
Court was loud and busy which no smiles at all. It was about 150 people and there at one time with seven attorneys and one judge and two cops. When my name was called I told them I was guilty and the lady let me off with a warning. All I had to do is take a class at swic and bring insurance I had no fine no nothing just a lady with a heart. I was so happy it didn’t make sense. I danced all the way to the car because god kept his hands on me when I didn’t deserve it. From now on you will see me doing what is right so I will not end up where I just was. Court is not a site that should be seen no place anyone should want to be. (816) Prince I always dreamed that when I became 16 years old that the car lot would be the first place my parents take me to on my 16th birthday. I’m pretty sure every teen want their own car and one that is nice and update. The car lot was my favorite place to go every weekend looking for the car of my dreams.Which I know I would get because I am the only girl on my father 's side in I get whatever I want whenever I want.So when I see a black Denali truck I had to have it.The truck was so bold and so big like me it matched me so well, so I got it of course my first car. I thought I was on top of the
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