Personal Narrative: Breaking Out Of Schoolwork

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“I’m going to what?!” I looked at mom as she held up my crumpled up sketch I threw away after finishing my homework.
“you’re taking art lessons from your grandmother.” Mom had looked at me as if I was someone who just said they wanted to drop out of school and run away when I shook my head. Why does mom want me to do art so badly? I thought to myself. “This looks amazing!” she exclaimed in a sing-song voice that gets on my nerves at times. She looked at me and showed me the drawing, sketches of birds that I saw while working on schoolwork.
“I hate walking over there! It’s about to be dark ma!” I exclaim as I look at the golden sky outside, peeking over the old willow tree, full of reds and browns as leaves hang down over the hillside.
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I stared at the beautiful purple and red sky shining through the leaves. I sat on the swing and just looked at all the beautiful colors and touching the soft flowers growing in small patches where light had shone through, I looked at some leaves falling and a few flower petals, from the movement of the swing.
I also went over the old bridge that creaked as you walked, sounding like an old cabin door on a windy night, I walked quickly as the beautiful sky faded away into a dark and gloomy gray.
I shook as I walked up the steps of her house, the shadows of the trees stood over me eerily. I rubbed my forearm feeling the goosebumps. I looked at the yellow and pink house casting a shadow over the yard, and walked to the door. “It’s scary here at night…” i say to myself.
I knocked. Once, Twice, Three times. Then I heard grandma carefully open the door, peeking out from the side to see me. “Hey Grandma, Mom said I’m taking art lessons from you.” I try to fake a smile and mumble “Until I die from boredom…” I look away as I say that, not wanting to offend her.
“She had called and said you were coming over, please come in. I have some food and art supplies set out for you.” She smiled a fragile smile, one that you get when you help an old person cross the
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