Personal Narrative: Brewbaker Technology Magnet High School

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High school was an extreme thrill from the first day of my freshman year. As I stepped off the school bus and entered the building, I knew that Brewbaker Technology Magnet High School would be my home for the next four years. BrewTech was ranked the number five school in the state, so I knew I was among the elite and had big shoes to fill. As I began to stroll the halls to locate my class, I was greeted by smiling faces of students and teachers a like. With minor bumps in the road, I completed my freshman year in high school acquiring friends that I still have today. Rumor had it that completing the tenth grade without a drop in my GPA guaranteed me a spot in the 2015 graduating class of BrewTech. Aware of what I was up against, I went into…show more content…
I had to take my mother to work so that I could have the car and the next stop was my hair appointment. As I began to get my hair done the time became closer and closer to the time for graduation rehearsal. I had to speed from east Montgomery to north Montgomery in less than 10 minutes. Once I arrived, I soon realized that I was the last person to show up at rehearsal. My class mates loved me so much that they stalled until I got there. Once everyone was in their seats at rehearsal all the tickets that were to be given to the family members were distributed to the graduates. All of the graduates were split up into their academy and lined up by last name. The names were called and the walks were practiced. Once everyone had taken their practice walkthrough, we were seated again and told the do’s and don’ts of graduation night. I then left graduation rehearsal to go get my nails and makeup done. After the last few touches were done I rushed home to get dressed and drop off the tickets. I arrived downtown around 5:15p.m. As I entered the building all I could think of was “This is the moment that I have wait me entire life for”. I went backstage and everyone lined up just as they had done in rehearsal. A prayer was given and our principal and teachers had a few words. At the conclusion of their, words the names of the graduates began to flow. As I heard my teacher call my name I began to walk. Before he could even finish saying my name I began to hear shouts and screams from the audience from my friends and family and tears began to run down my face. I had finally done
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