Personal Narrative: Broken Arrow Changed My Life

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Have you ever had to have leave everything you know behind and move to a far off distant planet? Well, me neither, but I had to do the next best thing. I had to move from the town where I had lived my entire life. The experience of having to move from where I had always lived, Tahlequah, and go to Broken Arrow changed my life forever and I will never forget it. While looking back on it now even though I was extremely nervous then, I wouldn’t change anything about what I experienced or the people I met.

When I first discovered I was going to have to move I was extremely reluctant about leaving and even more nervous. When I eventually accepted that I would have to move we packed everything up and moved to Broken Arrow. During the move I found out I wasn't the only one that was nervous. Basically my entire family felt the same as I did which made me feel a lot better. Once we finally arrived and unpacked all of our things I had to do what I had been fearing the most about moving, going to a new school. On my first day I was so nervous I really didn't even want to go, but I eventually worked up the courage to go along with my sister who was also really nervous. When I walked into my first class I was stared at by everyone and just tried to find my seat without tripping on something and embarrassing myself. After I sat down the teacher introduced me to the class and everyone in the room said hi to me which made me feel a little less nervous. Through the rest of the day every class was a little less nerve racking, but the main difference
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Firstly, moving and going to a new school built up my courage to do new things like nothing else could. Another way it changed my life was that it taught me to accept and embrace change. Moving also changed my life by introducing me to new people that I'm still friends with to this day. Finally this experience taught me that not all change is bad and that change can even be
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