Personal Narrative Broken Baseball Player

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Riley Timmons Mr.Forbes September 16, 2015 4th Hour Personal Narrative Broken Baseball Player The general definition of a teammate is a person who works with their team towards a common goal. Now what kind of teammate would I be if I stopped helping my baseball squad achieve their goal, just because I was injured? I tried to picture what the game would be like in my head; me sitting in the stands while my team lost the tournament. The fill-in pitcher for my team threw the batter an easy ball, resulting in another home run. It was probably 14-2 by now. I realized in that moment, it would be all my fault if we lost the game. I knew what I had to do. I played the game. It was a cold October night when I got hurt.The ambiance at the field was tense.…show more content…
As days pass, the pain begins to subside, the tournament slowly approaching. I tried to imply that I still wanted to play, but they weren 't getting the message. My family and I decided to have a big discussion about whether I would attend the tournament or not. Headstrong, I told them I was playing. “You’re doing WHAT..?” my mother yelled. I attempted to explain how I wasn’t going to let down my team because of one injury. “Baseball is my whole life, mom. Tomorrow is the first tournament game,” I explained, “I will find a way to play.” Me being the stubborn kid I am, I talked them into letting me play. Luckily, the break was on my catching arm, not my throwing arm. After talking to my coach, we came to a compromise. They let me pitch for the start of the games in the tournament, and even bat if my hand was feeling alright! I show up at the tournament fully clothed in my baseball pants and jersey. The smell of stadium hot dogs and sweat filled my mind. My team, unaware of my decision of playing, is in awe. I warm up my pitching arm, throwing to my coach while my team does warm ups. I, tolerantly, practice my batting with my team. Luckily, my hand doesn’t hurt. The expression on my face was much like a child on Christmas
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