Personal Narrative: Broken Heritage

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Broken Heritage My heritage isn’t peachy or as amazing as everyone else’s, it’s broken and there isn’t enough tape to put it back together. I had a lot of family around when I was younger, but they all eventually disappeared from my life without leaving a trace. My used to be grandma Tonya was my mom’s mom, but she was the worst of our family. She is the reason we don’t talk to half of my mom’s side of the family anymore. For my dad, I don’t know his father or his brother. My dad’s mom is the reason we don’t talk to my dad’s side of the family anymore. I only have a few uncles and aunts that I get to talk to currently, while the rest of the “used to be” family disappears. My family has a lot of grief and anger, but we all laugh and have good days like everyone else. We just look out for each other. That’s why we cut off what was making our family worse…doing so helped us moved forward but its hard to look back knowing there are so many failures and monsters waiting for us to…show more content…
We used to have a tradition a long time ago; it was like a family gathering. Both sides of the family showed up and we all ate a big feast. That was when I was very young though I can’t remember what other activities we did as a family. Now that we don’t have a tradition we pretty much just all agree on something as a family and go from there. Isn’t that what really matters anyway? Working together with your family? Staying close together? I believe those are good values that uphold all other things; I’ve learned that over the years. Even though my family’s heritage isn’t peachy like everyone else’s, I still love how my family turned out. The things that happen to my family will just make us closer and really that’s all that matters. That’s what makes my family special and this, is my broken
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