Personal Narrative: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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I struggled with reading and writing for several years due to being labeled with a learning disability. When I was in fourth grade a Special Education teacher would arrive in my mainstream classroom to take me with him into his miniature classroom. Throughout my previous years in elementary school several Special Education teachers had done the same, but it wasn’t until then I began to realize other students didn’t have to go. I went with the Special Education teacher several times a day, whether it was for assistance with the class work or testing modifications. It wasn’t until seventeen years later, when I applied for Hopkinsville Community College, that I was informed I had never been diagnosed by a Psychologist. Being told I had a…show more content…
Once I discovered fan fiction, I began reading constantly, I hid the fact that I was reading from my mother in fear that she would tell me I couldn’t read on my own. My older brother, Mark was the only one I confided in about my recently discovered passion for reading these stories I had found on the internet. One day, while I was at the mall with my family I wandered off, curiosity had led me straight into Borders Bookstore. I discovered shelves and shelves of Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels, I couldn’t believe it! In the meantime, my mother had been so worried that I was lost or had been kidnapped that she sent my older siblings to search the mall to find me. My older brother found me looking at all the books in admiration. That day my brother purchased my very first chapter books for me before taking me back to my mother. A few days later, my brother was stunned by the fact that I had already finished reading all the books he had bought for…show more content…
I was reading one Buffy the Vampire Slayer book a day until suddenly my brother included a new book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. One day, my mother had gotten worried that I was spending too much time alone in my room. She went to check on me only to find me scribbling away in a notebook with several other spiral notebooks scattered on my bed. I revealed to my mother that I had been reading novels for months, which had inspired me to try writing myself as well as, my brother had been supplying me with novels, notebooks, and was even editing my story for me. To my surprise, my mother was excited to learn of my interest in reading and writing. Soon, my whole family knew and for Christmas I received books and writing supplies from all the members of my
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