Personal Narrative: Build-A-Bear

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Build-A-Bear was fun when I was 8. Now, not so much. I remember it was my best friend Addison 's birthday and she got to invite two friends to Build-A-Bear, she picked me and our other friend Hannah. We were so excited the day that her birthday came. We didn 't pay any attention in school. Then again we where only 8 (Addison just turning 8) so it didn 't really matter. Something I remember clearly is when school was over that day we all gathered in the library, because Addison 's mom is a librarian and played hide n ' seek. It was time to leave. Hannah, Addison, and I all went in Addsion 's moms car and got on. On the way to Wichita we watched a movie, are snacks, and sang along to songs. Finally, we got to the mall were Build-A-Bear

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