Personal Narrative: Building A Car

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Back in 8th Grade, there is a car contest in my physics class. Which is to built a car that uses the balloon as the engine, and see who’s car can travel farthest distance. Like usual, I am so excited when I heard the contest, I want to win! Once I heard the contest, i begin to draw all my ideas I had to build the car. My first idea is to use big plastic plates to build the wheels. I taped the back of two plates together which is a wheel of the car, and used sticks to connect all four wheels, then I putted the balloon to the car and start our first trying. Surprisingly, the car didn’t move at all! Why, it is not as well as I thought. I failed in the first trying. I told myself, “One fail will not prove anything, I can do it”. As I going home that day, I keep thinking the reasons that may cause the car fail to move, It took me long time to figure out that the plate wheels are too big and heavy, so balloon don’t have enough power to move the car. Learning that lesson, I know I need to lighter materials to build my car. I look around my house and found a tissue box. I feel it can be the base of my car, so I take the tissues out of box and cut the box. Then, when I was struggling with the materials to make my wheels, my cousin throw a water bottle to me. This inspired me to use water bottle’s cap as the wheels. What a great…show more content…
I putted the balloon to the new car we just finished making, I use all my breathe to blow the balloon as big as possible. I stared at the car, as I let it go. The car was like the a rocket ‘fly’ to the ‘air’. I almost cry when I saw the car moved, I made it! When the tear almost flow out of my eyes, the car stopped. It didn’t travel a far distance, it moved less than a meter from the start point. All the sudden, my feeling drop from heaven to earth. I fail again. This time, my group members give up on me, and contest is tomorrow. No body believe that I can make a new car by tomorrow, including

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