Personal Narrative: Building A Cross Country Team

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During my senior year, there was a new sport being introduce to my school. The ladies’ soccer coach, Mrs. Taft decided to start a cross country team. I knew this was nothing compared to my evening jogs at home, so I was not so sure if I was willing to try out for the team. I knew a majority of the soccer players would participate, and I knew I did not have as much potential as they did. One afternoon, there was an announcement for students who were interested in joining the cross country team. I felt like I did not want to care, but deep down, I knew I really wanted to join. So as the school day came to an end, my prediction was right. I notice a majority of the soccer players headed to the gym for the cross country meeting. At that moment, I felt like my feet was stuck onto the ground. I did not know if I wanted to ride the bus home, or follow the soccer players. I kept telling myself, “Either I can just peacefully go home, or I can embarrass myself and miss the bus.” I was trying to make myself not go to the meeting because I did not want…show more content…
I knew we were all worried, but I knew it was time to put all that practice into work. I actually felt determine and was ready to start the race. Of course, when I saw the ocean of runners at the starting line, the same feeling of that day of our first practice begin to build up inside me all over again. My heart was pounding and legs felt shaky as I saw that man raised the gun into the air. I felt like it was the longest start of a race. As soon as he pulled the trigger, I kicked my legs from the ground and knew this was it. I had never felt so excited and nervous at the same time. For the longest, I had to control my breathing and keep my legs pumping strong. Next thing I knew, I was leading our girls cross country team. Who would have known I had the skills and potential to become a runner. Even though I came in 13th place, I was proud of myself for being the first girl done in our
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