Personal Narrative: Building A Trebuchet

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I define myself as someone who is hands-on, a team player, and determined. A physics project last year where as a team we had to design and build a trebuchet shows these personal traits. The goal was to build a trebuchet that could get two balls in a basket from 20 feet away. For three weeks my teammates and I worked on our project. There were many setbacks, from building a trebuchet out of specification to building a trebuchet that did not launch the payload at all. As we rebuilt we had to modify our existing design. We even had trouble with the project the night before its due date, we had to rebuild parts that broke. We had fixes and we were able to make it have better accuracy. Our trebuchet passed the test. We got a perfect score on it…show more content…
When I went to Babson’s open house on October 10th, it was a completely new and unique feel. It started with a panel discussion and then shifted from the auditorium to the classroom. We broke up in groups and were to create something to keep a phone battery at 100% at all times without being plugged in an outlet and without changing the phone itself. We thought of a skin that would charge the battery by using heat, solar light, and kinetic energy. To this day I have not felt this kind of teamwork emphasized in a program and it makes me excited to think of studying in an environment like this. I now see why Babson has one of the top entrepreneurial programs. I want to start my own venture that adds industry value as well as meets or exceeds shareholders goals, which aligns with Babson’s mission to educate entrepreneurial leaders economically and socially. I know that Babson will help me become a successful entrepreneur through its rich international network. It would allow me to learn from my peers of different cultures and work with them so that we can help one another economically and socially. Also because of Babson different cultures and work with them so that we can help one another economically and socially. Also Babson’s business fundamentals preparation, but also the rugged/actionable/pragmatic philosophy that immediately applies to business in the real word. This is why Babson is my top

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