Personal Narrative: Bullied At Lockwood Elementary School

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The time I was bullied It started on a normal day, with a terrible reason, and a stupid end goal. I was bullied from kindergarten up until about fourth grade. This was at Lockwood Elementary School, In Clovis, New Mexico. The story I’m about to tell was in the fourth grade. I was 9 years old and I had good morals,I still do, so I never used foul language. My friend at the moment ,Steven, knew about this and wanted to change it. He was my friend up until the middle of fourth grade. I will tell you the story of the time I was bullied now and what happened. As I said earlier Steven wanted to change how I never cussed. He decided to wait until recess and after lunch and recess Steven started dashing towards me and he started yelling, ”Matthew say ___ ( f word) or else.” I said no because my older brother always said,he still does, “Don’t cuss Matt,”…show more content…
Steven didn’t do it again after this warning, but I personally think he should’ve got more than just a warning maybe like suspension or even expelled maybe.I was kind of angry because I was confused on how he didn’t get more than just a warning. I didn’t forgive Steven after this situation. This is mainly because he didn’t say sorry and I also couldn’t forget it so I didn’t want to forgive him. I also started to get new,more true to me, friends. I also kicked,you could say, Tommy out of my life and wasn’t his friend anymore. If you were wondering, I still don’t cuss. In conclusion I think Steven learned his lesson somehow because he didn’t do it ever again. He also didn’t care if I cussed or not again. I also found out that Steven was not my friend after all. I also learned to have good friends that would not hurt me under any conditions. I also learned to have friends that would help me if someone is trying to bully or hurt

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