Personal Narrative: Bullied In Middle School

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Have you ever been bullied, well I have and it doesn’t feel so good does it? Here’s a story about how I got bullied just because of a small crush. It was the fourth week of middle school and my two best friends, Aaliyah and Aisha, were walking with me to lunch. We usually sit on the ground next to, Mrs.Nutter's room it was the best place to sit, at least that’s what we thought.For lunch we had cheeseburger and fries,we attempted to eat it but once we touched it was all wet and soggy.We put it down right after we touched it. Luckily Aliyah usually packs her lunch.I was thinking about Kenneth too, he seemed pretty cool and cute, I kinda had a crush on him. We had this special bond in math class I thought he liked me too. I used to get so happy when he talked to me. I just had this feeling inside I thought it was love, but I wasn’t really sure.…show more content…
Then, I decided to keep it to myself.
We were talking and my friend Aisha started talking about crushes she asked who was my crush, I was thinking should I tell her, should I not. Then, I decided to keep it to myself. The next day, Aliyah and I were talking. I wore a black dress with a long blue cardigan and a black hijab (A scarf that Muslim women and girls wear it covers their hair). I thought I looked really cute. So, I told Aaliyah that I do actually like someone at this
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