Personal Narrative: Burn Survivors

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With my dad being a burn survivor, I have been able to travel to annual congresses for burn survivors and their families. I have attended one in Raleigh, North Carolina, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Anaheim, California. This happens every year, and it gives burn survivors and families a place to get with others to share stories and experience. They provide classes and workshops, open mic sessions, and a time to create friendships and lifetime bonds. During the week of October 21-26, 2014, was the World Burn Congress in Anaheim, California. I hadn 't attended one for six years, so I was nervous beyond belief. I was excited, however, to be in California. I was excited to reconnect with people that I have only been able to stay in contact with through Facebook or phone calls. While in California, I acquired a strong bond with Trina McEuen and her son, Justin Hoffman. Justin, along with his little brother, Tommy, are burn survivors. Trina and I had been friends with each other on Facebook, but this was the first time we had "officially" met. I was so nervous, but we bonded automatically. She understood, or at least acted like it, everything I talked to her about. She became an "older sister or mom" to me during the time together. Justin was like my brother, we spent…show more content…
It took awhile, with a lot of begging and pleading, but my mom finally agreed to let me go. I had to pay for everything. My mom was a little skeptical, but if Trina would come get me and meet her, she would let me go. I was only supposed to be gone for two weeks, but I convinced my mom to let me stay until the end of June. So that was it, Trina was coming to get me. By the end of April, my plane ticket for the way home was bought, and we were making plans. I had never been away from home, but I figured I could do it. I was nervous, but I was so excited to see those two again. Trina and I had a countdown, and would send pictures to each other as the final day got closer and
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