Personal Narrative: Butler Vs. Butler

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I was born September 26, 1998 in Syracuse New York. My parents are Jacqueline Render and Robert Butler. I have 2 siblings, both of which are younger, named Julius Render-Butler and Careena Render-Butler. I am 5'7" and weigh 150 pounds. My family is a combination of African-American, Dominican, and Native American. Many people describe me as fun-loving, energetic, and comical. I see myself as determined, intelligent, and diligent.
In my past time, I love to play NBA 2K17, Madden 16, and Call of Duty. I also love to compete in physical activities such as soccer, basketball, and football. Many of my friends love to do these such things with me which makes these pastimes so enjoyable.
Throughout my life, I moved a lot. In elementary school, I moved from one side of the city, to the other side. In middle school I moved from the city to the suburbs. Finally, I moved in high school from New York to Macon, Georgia.
I attended many schools in my childhood. Some of
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There were times where I’d get bullied and these friends would never do anything about it. When I got shoved into a locker, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. This act of violence pushed me to attend a school in the suburbs. In the town of Baldwinsville, I attended Durgee Jr. High. At this school I felt really alone because when I looked around, there was no one that was my skin tone. Everyone was white which only meant one thing. They would see me as different yet again and start to criticize me for my skin color. A few weeks in and they started to do exactly that. It wasn’t until I started playing football that I found some sense of friendship. I had 2 great friends during my time at Durgee. Joe Lalla and Kasen Husinger were the best friends I could ask for. They interfered when I was getting verbally attacked and would diffuse many situations I
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