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Cabin Story My father said that we were going to my grandfather 's cabin in the woods of Colorado near Arrowhead Creek. Our grandpa said not to go out at night. We didn 't know how good of shape the cabin was because it hadn 't been used for fifty years, in fact we don 't know if even exist. Though we were going hunting and fishing. It been a couple hours since we got into the boat, we finally got there. We got the cabin. Old made out of wood with moss on the out side trees around it with a concrete base.

We went back to get our stuff but my dad forgot to tie the boat to the tree. An hour later we finally got the boat we went back and unpack. When we got into the cabin we started fire. It was getting late and we weren 't supposed to be out when it was
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It noon now. My dad sent into the forest while he cleaned the cabin. He only sent me with a hatchet, some bungie rope, some bait and fishing pole with a small tackle box, and a twenty two with two clips full of ammo in case I see anything that could be food since we didn 't pack any food because we wanted to get away from the city. Guess what I killed, a small buck big enough for me and dad. I made small slay and headed back with some lumber and the deer.

It 's almost time to go to bed. Right know I 'm eating some deer thigh. I 'm done with the deer thigh and I 'm going to sleep. I just woke to go to the bathroom, I 've went outside and I heard someone or something so ran back to the cabin. I looked the door and my father ask what I was doing. So I told him "I had to go the bathroom." BANG! BANG!

My father asked "did you see anything
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