Personal Narrative: Call Of Duty 4

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Being a young teenage boy in the twentieth century has many perks, such as advanced technology; like laptops, flat screen T.Vs, and even smartphones, but none of these compare to video games being created at the time. Even though video games been around long before I was born, nothing has changed the industry likes the games being released when I was a teenager. One of the most popular games in my time would have to be Call Of Duty 4, which is a shooting based game set during the war on terror in the Middle East. Call Of Duty 4 was a very graphic game that gave many people the perspective of war from the individuals who were facing the danger head on. At the time this game gave many people a sense of honor for standing up for themselves. This was especially true at the time when my younger…show more content…
The question I had to ask him would have to dig deep down into my little brothers sub conscience thoughts, but also be dumbed down to the point that a young child could understand, so I had to do what any normal teenager would do and ask him why he was acting very different. So the answer I got was that he was having nightmares about being chased by terrorist who wanted to kill him. To help him understand the world we live in I had to show him a movie that no kid should ever watch, it was The Texas Chainsaw Mascara. After we watched the movie I exampled to my brother that sometimes we live in a world that is filled with bad people, and sometimes those bad people team up to form a group of people who like to cause mayhem to innocent people. After that he then said “ how do we stop them”, then I said “ we stop them by not showing them free, an fighting back no matter what it takes”. A couple days after our talk my brother began to truly understand what I meant by what I said and that was no matter how scared you are never back down from
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