Personal Narrative: Camp Los Mochos

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Camp Los Mochos At camp a camp called Los Mochos it would always rain,even if it rains hard or sprinkles,it mostly rains very hard and the whole path was covered in mud and it got real messy.If it was raining hard,the whole path would seem like it was flooding.The paths were really hard to walk on and people would occasionally slip.They would look like mud monsters and we would all laugh.I went with my friends.We would do activities as one campsite,there were a lot of campsites.All the campsites were competing for the ribbons,the ribbons were earned by earning the most points.For each ribbon,there were ribbons for 1st,2nd,3rd place.There were a lot of activities like mini-catapult,spider crawl,first aid,bean bag jump,plank walk,archery,and…show more content…
It was 4:30 in the morning,it was cold and foggy and really dark,I had to carry my backpack to my friend’s van, it was very big and can carry 7 people.We had to wait 30 minutes more minutes for my friend because he was late.There were 5 of my friends going.In took us 1hour and 30 minuites for us to get there,on the way there I saw a lot of things on the way there like some deer and some farms.The air was fresher than the city.The sun was brighter and it was hotter.We almost got lost finding the camp,but we still found our way to the camp.We were 10 min late,so our guide left us so we were on our on to find our campsite.Luckily we found our guild and he told us where our campsite is.So we ran up the super muddy trail,we always would slip and fall on our hands and set up our tents and headed to the flag area to listen to the speech about the rules and the activities.It started to rain when we had just started our activities and I just remembered I forgot my raincoat,flashlight, and spare shoes at home.We went to mini-catapult first,we had to build our own catapult and see whose is better.We got 35 points for the mini catapult.I started to get wet and my shoes started to get really muddy and wet,then we went to spider crawl,we got to crawl into these strings and not touch them.We got 10 points on spider crawl.And luckily that had some tarps over it so we would not get wet.Then we went to the archery range to do archery,by this time it was pouring.And it only had some cover so I mostly got all soaked.On Archery we got 78 points.By the time I went to the lunchroom,I was all soaked and drenched.Many kids were laughing at me,but one kid, in particular,he was a really skinny boy,very tall and he was laughing so hard that he accidentally bumped his head on the table and most people started to laugh at him instead.When we were done eating,we continued without activities.Next,we went to first aid,where we learn to treat minor injuries.We had to use prior knowledge to answer
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