Personal Narrative: Camp Ophelia

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I learned a lot about leadership from two summers of a school activity called Camp Ophelia. Camp Ophelia is a camp to help girls understand the importance of how anger affects our relationships in our day to day lives and friendships. We worked with team building excises to learn to work to together more in the form of arts, physical activities/ exercise and conversation focusing on how to become healthy physically, emotionally and socially in order to gain and maintain healthy relationships with others, particularly other girls. Some of the activities included Zumba, making stepping stones, a lamp, and a bench engraved with the qualities of friendship. I have a high regard for freedom, justice, and democracy. I think everyone should have equal…show more content…
I always try to be myself. I always try to make my family laugh and help around the house whenever possible. I love to help my younger brother to learn; by sitting and reading to him because to me reading and education are important to all of us. I try to help everyone in my family, either with washing dishes or keeping my brother quiet when my mom has a migraine. I also like to make my brother feel better when he is sick or hurt. When my brother has no one to play with I will play with him. At my school, I volunteered to do a G.R.E.A.T. project; gang resistance education and training project. I made a poster to promote the stop to bullying and to get people to speak up. I always try to take opportunities to help make my school a better place. I would be honored to become a member of the National Junior Honor Society because I feel this is a great opportunity for me to help out more, either at school or in my community. It will challenge me to continue to do my very best in school. I just learned that this could help me with my goals of becoming an astronomer by increasing my education and chances of receiving a scholarship for a good university that specializes in the
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