Personal Narrative: Candy's Dog

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Candy’s dog might have been old but it was not right what Carlson did. Candy walked into the bunkhouse with his old dog, after a long hard day. When Carlson came into the bunkhouse and realised the old dog was in here. He looked at Candy told him to get the dog out of the bunkhouse. Carlson nag at him about how the old dog had no teeth and rheumatism. All Candy could say was I had him scene a puppy guess I have never noticed how much he had smelled. Carlson kept bugging Candy till he gave in about Carlson going to shot his dog. Then Carlson took the old dog and shot him. I think it should have been Candy’s choose not Carlson’s. Carlson should of not persherd Candy into it because Candy had him scene a puppy. “I had him so long. Had him since
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