Personal Narrative-Canine Capers

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Canine Capers
Have you ever wanted something so much and when you finally get it, you 're scared half to death? I know that experience. When I was seven, I really, really wanted a puppy, but instead my really close cousins, Aaron and Brian got a puppy. I saw them everyday and went to their house everyday, since we lived right next to each other. I knew that I would sort-of be an owner to the puppy. It was a warm, sunny day when the garage door for my aunt’s car which had the puppy inside. I rushed downstairs to a putrid smell. Turns out Ginger, the puppy, had done her business in her cage from being so excited. “What is that stinky smell, Auntie Julie?” I asked, scrunching up my nose. “The smell of dog poo-poo.” Auntie Julie said, trying
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She was small for a labradoodle, but she was up to my torso on four legs. Being a five year old is fun, but I was scared of everything new, so a dog that was almost as tall as me scared me… a lot. I ran upstairs and climbed my way up with the chairs to sit on the counter. The counter was safe spot because Ginger could have never reached me, even on her hind legs. The next few day I always asked Aaron to hold back Ginger while I run up the stairs, and being the good cousin he did.

A few months had flown by and I have still been dashing up the stairs to sit on the counter. Even on my birthday, I ran upstairs and sat on the counter while my family sang to me. Since it had been a few months and it was finally Christmas, I remembered that a couple of years ago I begged for a pet dog and I took care of one everyday, so I faced my fears and pet Ginger. She tried to lick me back a couple of times and when she did, I shrieked. Over a few days, I became more comfortable with Ginger and had already taught her a trick to “sit”. Another few months had passed. I really wanted to teach Ginger a few tricks so I did, but it took her a long time to understand. I was patient eight year old, but teaching those tricks mad me more patient and made my head spin. My dad use to

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