Personal Narrative: Canobie Lake Park

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It was a nice summer day,July, 2014. I woke up really early, around 6 a.m. My parents had to pick up my uncle and his girlfriend because they were coming with us. It was a long drive. The drive was about two hours. Finally,we saw a big sign that said SIX FLAGS. I was so happy. The parking lot was really big and almost full. At Six Flags, you have to pay for parking, but at Canobie Lake Park, the parking is free. the parking cost twenty dollars. But, my uncle had season passes so we did not have to pay for parking. There was a big line to go inside. Finally, we’re in the park. We bought a soda bottle. The soda bottle was orange,it was big and it said the year. So, with the soda bottle, you can refill your drink all day.
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