Personal Narrative: Carnation Drive

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On 04/14/17, at 4:30pm, I Deputy Warden N. Christian was dispatched to the area of Carnation Drive and Blue Bonnett Drive on an injury-possible dangerous or vicious dog to a minor. I arrived at the location and was met by dog owner Christine Belcher and Blendon Township Police Department (BTPD) Detective Sergeant E. Moynihan. I asked what happen, Ms. Belcher stated that her daughter Daisha Decree were walking their Rottweiler name Bolt when victim Victor Schuetz asked to pet the dog, Ms. Decree give permission. Mr. V Schuetz started petting Bolt on the underside of his neck and move to the top of his head where he was bit. Sarahbeth Scheutz mother of Mr. V Schuetz responded to the location. Ms. Schetuz was not on scene when I arrived, she was in the process of transporting her son to an urgent care. BTPD Detective Sergeant E. Moynihan provided me with contact information…show more content…
Blecher if Bolt was current on dog license and vaccinations. Ms. Blecher showed me proof of vaccinations but was unware that she needed to have a dog license. I asked Ms. Blecher if she had identification, she stated it was at home. BTPD Detective Sergeant E. Moynihan confirmed Ms. Blecher identity. I explained that due to the circumstances I would need to speak to Ms. and Mr. V Schuetz to determine if they want to pursue criminal charges. I had Franklin County Animal Care and Control (FCACC) Dispatcher B. Grotsky contact Ms. Scheutz. FCACC Dispatcher B. Grotsky was unable to make contact with Ms. Scheutz. BTPD Detective Sergeant E. Moynihan drove to 6288 Rosebay Court to the victim house and spoke to the father of victim Mr. W. Scheutz. Mr. W. Scheutz stated to the officer that they wish not to pursue criminal charges in regards to the incident. I explained to Ms. Blecher that it appears at this point that will be no addition al charges besides the failure to license her dog. I issued Ms. Blecher a violation for failure to license and a 10 day quarantine for

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