Personal Narrative: Catalina Island Trip

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At my school, Mesa View Middle School we have a field trip called Catalina island trip. The day of the trip i got at school at about 4:50 am. My groups leader name was Mrs. Acosta otherwise known as a security guard named meachell. The people in my group that i could remember were me, leila, Sammy, Natilly, Maranda, cassidy. There were probably more people but i can’t remember. We were paired up with mr.cruz’s group that had Hayden, Zac, Trevor, and my friend Derek. The bus ride was boring, but the boat ride their was fun. On the boat ride there you were able to walk where ever you wanted to on the boat, and you could be with your friends too. That wasn’t the best part though. An hour after we got there we went kayaking. We saw a seal that was nearly 2 feet away from us. The seal looked like it could have been a baby. We went to dinner an hour or two after going kayaking. That night we had spaghetti, salad and for dessert we had a popsicle.During dinner we got bad news. We had to leave early due to weather changes. Later that night we got to go night snorkeling. I couldn’t handle going night snorkeling because it was a little scary, and it felt like i couldn’t breathe. …show more content…

After that we had lunch and went snorkeling. We saw some fish and sea plants. The fish we saw were Garibaldi and Blacksmith fish. It was hard to get out of the water because of the tide. The wet suits were a pain to get on and off. Because of the weather changes we were leaving shortly after dinner. Dinner was good, we had pizza with a choice of salad. After that we went and said good

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