Personal Narrative: Cerebral Palsy

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Often times one does not realize the value of a person, until they are in need or suffering. That may seem to be a very pessimistic outlook on life but, people tend to run to each other when they are in need. I have grown up in a large family with over thirty cousins whom live near me and I see very often. My family has always being there to support me through good times and bad and it is always fun to see. In my family I have a cousin named
Ben. Ben is twenty-six years old, and has been living with the most severe type of Cerebral Palsy since the day he was born. His condition inhibits him from walking, talking, and eating. He has two youngers sisters and his mom Barb, and dad Jim. Barb and Jim have been Bens caretaker from the day
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This was all until three weeks ago. Three weeks ago, Barb and Jim brought Ben to the Emergency Room because he spiked a very high temperature. They found out that Ben had the flu and a small case of pneumonia. In most cases this would not be horrible news, but Ben has bad lungs to begin with. For a few days Ben was doing well, my family went to visit him for a couple days. We sat in his room with Barb and Jim and made him laugh. But the hope for this to end ended quickly. Eventually it was becoming harder and harder for Ben to breathe and he had to go on a ventilator. He was on the ventilator for over seven days. Three days ago they got him off the ventilator because they thought he was doing better. They thought he could be home by the weekend. But last night as I was sitting in my living room at about ten with my mom, she got a call from Barb. Barb and Jim have traded off spending every day and night at the hospital since their son has been there. Barb was crying on the phone and my mom left for the hospital. Ben is now back on the ventilator and he is not doing well. They took a xray of his lungs and the pneumonia has spread through his entire right lung. He is resistant to most antibiotics due to previous treatments. At this point there is becoming less and less hope for Ben. My entire family is hoping for the best so the light he brings and the laughs do not…show more content…
Ben did not have control over getting pneumonia, and at this point he does not have much control over how he recovers. This demonstrates naturalism because naturalist believe that nature has absolute control over humans. That one can not stop bad things from happening. My life has been filled with lots of great things and happiness, but bad things that have happened to me I did not previously have control over. When my parents got divorced I had no idea what to do. I thought they would never be friends again and my life would be a lot harder. But as I got older and years went by my parents became best friends again. That’s really taught me that sometimes bad things happen, but better things can result. If my parents were not meant to be married, they are now happier and amazing parents to me and my siblings being apart. I strongly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Yes I do have control over my future but I am where I am for a reason. And I believe that often times bad things are a blessing, and they welcome good things in the future. The coming together of my family during this hard time really shows me how important it is to be supportive and caring for others in times of good and
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