Personal Narrative: Challenges Faced By Immigrants

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Similar to many people in my community, my parents are both immigrants. They are hard working people whose sole purpose was to at least have the opportunity for prosperity and success - the american dream. Like many dreams, it was not promised to become true. Arriving to a foreign land gave them a great disadvantage which came along with many hardships Although they were faced with these challenges upon arrival, they were able to overcome many obstacles they encountered. Despite their lack of academic experience, they managed to make ends meet. My mother was almost done with highschool, before she dropped everything to seek better opportunities in the US. My step father, who has been a part of my life since I was 4 years old, also did not acquire much of an education before coming to the US. Together they started a family and raised me to be grateful for everything that I have. To value the fact that I, unlike them, had a secured opportunity. Growing up as the oldest of three has shaped me into a responsible and diligent person. It is important that I set a robust example for my little brother and sister by making positive choices and working hard towards success. My siblings look up to me and I am therefore in charge of guiding them on the…show more content…
I do not want to be constantly facing financial issues, or dealing with the task of figuring out how to make ends meet. Now don’t get me wrong, I admire them for that, I really do, but I want to do more than what my parents could do for themselves. By putting in my full potential, I feel that I can become the sister and daughter that my parents will be proud to have. Every day, I am motivated to strive for only the best so that I can accomplish what I desire most. There is nothing in the world that can repay my parents for everything that they have done for my siblings and me, but making them proud comes close to doing
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