Personal Narrative-Changing Experience

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Today I was going to the Christmas parade, I am very excited. The weather was nice outside. I was wearing all white. Now i am on my way to meet my friends at the parade and they were going to take me home. The parade starts at 7:00. As soon as I got out the car I saw Santa, reindeers, candy, pretty lights, and people in costumes. The parade was very pretty. I saw my friends Alexis and Mariah walking so I screamed their names. They were excited to see me. The parade was really crowded. We started walking again. I was the line leader. I got stopped every 5 minutes, people were saying hey to me and giving me hugs. Did I forget to mention I am very popular. It was now 7:15. All of a sudden I heard a big Boom! I ducked to the ground. I looked in the sky and seen firecrackers.…show more content…
but I kinda got use to it. Me and my friends started walking around. Next thing you know is it started raining. My night was literally a day from hell. My hair was so puffy and ugly. I also was drenched in water. Me and my friends hid under a tree until it stopped raining. 15 minutes went by and it stopped raining. So me and my friends started walking again. As I was walking I felt something mushy on the bottom of my foot. I looked down and it was mud. I literally had mud on my all white shoes. I just wanted to burst out screaming with foul language, i was raged with anger. So after I got the mud off my shoe I told my friends to start walking again. As I was walking, it was kinda quiet. So I turned around and Alexis and Mariah wasn 't behind me. I started to get worried. I couldn 't call them because my phone went dead. I was furious. I walked around and walked around continuously until I got tired. I didn 't know what to think. I thought my friends just up and left me. As I am walking i thought about the meeting spot where we got dropped off at. So I walked over there and seen Mariah and Alexis standing there looking lost. " where were you Zion" Alexis and Mariah both

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