Personal Narrative: Changing My Career Field

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Even though I have only worked in my profession for about two years now, I have great insight into how the developments in technology has changed my career field. What I have seen though has been nothing less than impressive. In just a few short years my career field has made some major changes due to the increase in information technology and mobile revolution. In the beginning, being a Biomedical Equipment Technician job relied heavily on prior experience. Either you had to have a hard copy of the manual or you had to have a lot of time working with a massive amount of different equipment to be able to perform the tasks required of you. Now with the advancement in information technology and a wide array of knowledge available at your fingertips, it’s as simple as going to Google and pulling up a digital copy of the manual or searching forums for people who have had similar issues with whatever it is you are working on at the moment. Taking what used to be shelves upon shelves of manuals that may or may not be up to date, to having anything and everything you need in a device that fits in your pocket. It is definitely a double edged sword though, as you have all you need within minutes but you also must possess the skills to be able to sift through the garbage to find what you need.…show more content…
Whether it be by putting Bluetooth technology in everything so that they can be in six different places at once or wanting everything to fit into a device that they can be carry around with them. It forces my career to not only try and keep up with those advancements but also retain the knowledge of equipment that came before it because some people can’t afford those expensive luxuries. Although technology probably won’t get to the point where my career won’t be needed, it has and always will continue to change for the
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