Personal Narrative: Changing My Father's Diet

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Last Saturday, I tried and failed to convince my father to change his diet. My effort’s began when my Father and I went shopping together. After we had finished looking for a good used car to replace his old Nissan, he offered to take me to lunch. I agreed and suggest a nearby restaurant that is known for it’s fresh salads and homemade soup’s. My father laughed and insisted that we go to his favorite barbecue place. As soon as we arrived, my father was ready to order. He always eats the same meal of steak fries, ribs covered with a thick, sugary barbecue sauce, and a tub of cole slaw swimming in mayonnaise. Of course, flaky biscuits shiny with grease come with this meal. My father teased me when I choose to eat a few items from the salad bar.

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