Personal Narrative: Changing My Horse

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"Good job Riley! Keep it up kiddo!" Lori, my horseback riding teacher yells. "Okay!" I respond enthusiastically. Continuing to trot down the polo field. "Yeah Riley! Good job!" My grandma cheers, who is riding her Appalachian horse named Houston, behind me. "Alright let’s turn around and trot back to the barn!" Lori hollers from behind me. "Okay," I respond turning my horse Arthur around to start riding back to the large red, open barn doors. I fix my feet and move them to the proper place in the stirrups, then I fastened my helmet. Then, after I tapped lightly on my horse 's side, indicating him to begin trot, Arthur took off, galloping down the polo field on his way to the barn. I didn 't know what to do, so…show more content…
"You are gonna be okay," my Mom assures, looking at my knee. I just lie on the stretcher and try to enjoy the painful ride to the hospital. On the way there I ask many questions about the ambulance. "Do we get to go through red lights?" I question "It depends, the paramedic responds, continuing to examine my knee "Do I need to get a shot?" I ask…show more content…
"I am not sure. That is the doctor 's choice," The paramedic answered. Then, we finally arrived at the hospital, and my mom knew exactly what to do, and called my Dad, and then my grandma. They both meet us at the hospital. Grandma brought my little sister, Taylor who was full of questions. "What happened? "Why did the horse run so fast? "What hurts?" Taylor finished, looking concerned. I didn 't feel like answering, so my mom, once again helped me and knew how to handle the situation by answering the questions by saying, "We will tell you later." When the doctor walks in, I am nervous I am going to have to get a shot. Which I found out was a very silly thing to consider. "Hello My name is doctor S," the woman stated, looking at my mom. "Hello," I responded. "What happened?" the doctor questioned, Looking incredibly serious. "She fell of of a horse, and hurt her knee," Mom replied, sounding worried. "Let’s have a look," the doctor responded boldly. After the doctor looked at my leg, she decided to give me a knee brace. I was worried It was going to hurt to be put on, but luckily it did not. After the knee brace was on, I was handed some crutches, and was wheeled out to my dad 's car in a

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