Personal Narrative: Changing My Major

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Attending a college or university can be a pleasurable four years or it can be path of frustration and indecision. I have spent the past year at Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences thinking I wanted to be a doctor. College is expensive and when I started pondering changing my major it just didn’t seem practical. As a second semester sophomore changing my major would potentially mean spending more time in school which in return means more student loans and prolong starting a career. Not only would I be changing my major, I will be changing schools completely. I would have to go through gathering my transcripts, filling out admission applications, and the process of waiting for a decision once again.
It wasn’t easy to come to terms with the reality of changing my major completely. It took a lot of thinking and was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. I pondered for days and weeks about what my future had in store for me before realizing I needed to change my course of study.
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I have told my friends about leaving and changing my major and I get the same look and response every time. They are always asking if I feel sad or mad that I have wasted 2 years going for something I will no longer stud. Without hesitation I say “I didn’t waste anything.” Everything happens for a reason and I am grateful for the struggle I endured. It has led me to a whole new world and I finally feel that I will have a chance to stop and

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