Personal Narrative: Charley's Dream

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Charley exclaimed, “A few nights ago, I saw the coolest thing ever. It was as cool as one million dollars!” “What was it?” I asked. Charley replied, “The third level at Grand Central Station.” “Now Charley, we both know very well there are only two levels at Grand Central Station. It was just a waking-dream wish fulfillment, your unhappy, charley, the modern world is full of insecurities.” I replied. Charlie didn’t agree with me. Later that evening, I started to wonder about Charley’s weird dream. I started to believe it was true and decided tomorrow morning I could go to Grand Central Station to find the third level. I got ready for bed, set my alarm clock to 6:00 A.M. and jumped into bed. I snuggled into my toasty soft wool blanked and…show more content…
It made me as hungry as a hippo. “Can I have that chocolate covered donut with sprinkles?” I asked pointing to the donut. “Sure thing,” said the worker, “that will be 3 dollars and 50 cents.” I gave the money to the man and he gave me the donut. I bit into the donut and it tasted amazing. After I finished my donut, I wandered off through the hallways looking for the third level. Later, before I gave up, I went through one last hallway. Right before my eyes, was the third level. I walked in and saw all of the people dressed in very ancient clothes and open flame gaslights. It looked like the 1800’s. I started thinking, I need to go to Galesburg. The town is as nice as a new car. A few minutes later, I walked over to the clerk selling tickets. “Hi sir! I need a ticket to Galesburg Illinois,” I said as I handed him my cash. “Now sonny, we both know that ain’t money,” he said as rudely as a grumpy cat. I was confused, but then I remembered that it’s the 1800’s and I didn’t have the right money. I slowly walked away embarrassed. I walked out of the third level and ran to a coin shop. I bought 800 dollars’ worth of currency. Then ran back and found the third
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