Personal Narrative: Charlie Angels

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My earliest exposure to people who were racially or culturally different from me was through television shows. This was when I was 6 years old. I remember I was so happy because my father just bought a brand new TV. At that time we don’t have cable and all we could watch was the basic TV channel and one of the show that usually plays was Charlie Angels. I remember for the first time I’ve seen Farrah Fawcett who have blonde hair, blue eyes, and speaks English was so different from me I thought. She have this thick long blonde hair that looks like feathers and it was beautiful. I remember asking my dad why does she have blonde hair and blue eyes and my dad would say, “American people have blonde hair and blue eyes because they are born that way,…show more content…
I thought she was beautiful, furious, strong, and smart. She was captivated and use her good look in seductive scenes to go undercover exploring her mission and capturing bad guys. Farrah Fawcett and her co-stars were called the “Angels,” They often go undercover as strippers, models, and cocktail waitresses in their investigation (Charlie Angel movies series). The Angels have special skills; for instance, they can fight, jump of cars, and even mentally manipulated men with their…show more content…
I was only 6 years old when my father bought a brand new TV and the show that plays on basic channel was Charlie Angels. Farrah Fawcett was culture shocking to me because she have thick, long, blonde, feathery hair, and blue eyes. Watching her on TV was a positive experience because was inspirational and a role model to me. She and her co-stars were called the “Angels” working for a private detective agency and often go undercover as strippers, models, and cocktail waitresses to capture bad guys. Farrah projected this image as strong, furious, and smart detective. I remember growing up, I want to be just like her by becoming a private detective, be strong, and be

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