Personal Narrative: Chicago Band Trip

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The best moment in my life was when I went to Chicago for a band trip. We did many things, including seeing the Chicago symphony, which had three long songs, watching the Blue Man Group, which was very colorful and messy, and walking around the city for about one hour before going to Giordano’s Pizza, even though it wasn’t on the itinerary. We also went to the Museum of Science and Industry. The museum had both exhibits and shops that were fun and educational. My band also got to play in another museum that has terrible sound quality. There was another time when we were at an aquarium and an anaconda attacked the glass towards our chaperone, and she was very alarmed afterwards. There is a story behind everything, and here is the story behind why we got to tour the city a little. There is a reason we toured the city. What was supposed to happen was we were about to go up the Willis Tower, formerly called the Sears Tower. We had about one hour before we left for dinner at Giordano’s Pizza. As we were…show more content…
When we got there, we were assigned seats by group number. My group got lucky because we were front row and I was at center of the stage. The chaperones were assigned seats all over the place including some up in the balcony. The first three rows were given plastic covers to protect our clothes. At the beginning, they did a percussion bit on barrels along with the paint. Then, they had just finished a part of the show that had included with the “phones” and the screens started talking about different parts of the eye, and the screen was talking about the blue cones in the eye. The screen flashed the following phrase: “... and the blue cones perceive (naked people) the color blue.” It showed but did not say the brief line saying naked people. They ended the show with a painting that was given to someone in our group, which was very marvelous. As we were leaving, I got some pictures of them, but they aren’t the
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