Personal Narrative: Chihua

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I am a proud but slightly regretful owner of a Chihuahua. At the age of eight I saw an episode of “That’s So Raven” that featured a little, white, long haired Chihuahua and I died. It was the cutest little dog and I had to have one. I needed one. My parents being the coolest parents around gave in to my begging when a family member just happened to have a litter of white, long-haired, Chihuahua puppies. The thing is, at the age of eight I didn’t realize that a puppy as cute as a Chihuahua could be such a pain in the butt. The family name for my Chihuahua is “little pisser”. My dog will look me in the eye and without warning piss on the floor. People would be surprised by the amount of liquid this four pound dog excretes. The need

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