Personal Narrative: Chucky Child's Play

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When I was a young boy, I remember my uncle walking into the living room as my cousin and I played with our Legos, in his hand a copy of the infamous horror film, Chucky Child’s Play, released in 1988. I recall, clear as day, as he waked over to the VCR and switch on our television and began to play the film. We were so young, we didn’t know any better not to watch a slasher cult film of that nature. For the next 87 min, we watched the film, extremely terrified, but my uncle forced us to finish the film. By the end my cousin and I were extremely traumatized by what we had just witnessed. As a couple of young children, both of us developed a fear of dolls. That fear remained throughout most of my youth. In other words, it was that very night
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