Personal Narrative: City Assisted Evacuation In New Orleans

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The top risk in my community is flooding. When there is heavy rain in an approximate two-hour period the streets flood, because the canal near my home overflows with rain water. The evacuation route out of Algiers, New Orleans would be US 90 east or west, depending on the direction of the storm. Since, hurricane Katrina and the events at the New Orleans Superdome and Convention Center, the city no longer offer shelter before an approaching storm. The city does offer what is called city-assisted evacuation. City-assisted evacuation is pick up location through out New Orleans to bring people to shelters set up outside the city. I have lived in New Orleans almost all my life and hurricane Katrina was my very first time evacuating with my family. Trying to make an insurance claim without a policy number is impossible and applying for assistance without a social security number or birth certificate is also impossible. I now keep my family important document is a plastic folder year round, so if there is ever a threat of a hurricane or tornado, I can grab it and go, and if I forget it home it is protected from water damage.…show more content…
If we have to evacuate I will have to take the dog, and her shot record may be

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