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Being elected Vice President at the end of my freshman year I never thought that I would end up in the position I find myself in today, Class President during my senior year. Although not being in the top position, I started to plan out my year as to what I would do. That tuned out to plan out my year each year after that. I would soon be faced with problems that would be bigger than any other I had solved. Coming from a small school to a energetic inner city school located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles changed who I was. I never knew that I was going to become the voice that many of my classmates came to believe in. Though I never lost sight of what I wanted to be. I never let the winnings get to my head and I never let them cloud…show more content…
I could not let them down and have to stick to something less for a night that is meant to be special. I was not going to stand for something that is not good enough for one of our greatest nights in our entire school years. Showing not only commitment, but strong-wildness to bring better than what I was given. Needing to use critical thinking in a hectic situation that valued a lot of what the end of our senior year would amount to, I stayed true to who I have been all these years in my position. I have learned throughout the years how to be a strong person and fight for what I want no matter all those who are trying to being me dow. You do not always have to save the world to be doing something good and out of the box. What matters is not what you do, but that you do it in a whole-heartedly manner. Not losing who you just because you think it is right. I saw in myself the same open minded and yet determined girl who started at the begging go her terms each year. Thinking critically and smart are key comments to a well rounded person and attitude. Not one can weigh more than the other, if not decisions will not be made in a balanced and well thought of

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