Personal Narrative: College Football

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I'm in the car driving toward the high school thinking about nothing except what I'm expected to do today in my game. I have my headphones on and nothing else is phasing me. People could be yelling in my ear and I wouldn't hear them. I'm only focusing on one thing. We all sit outside our locker room with our headphones on waiting for coach to come and unlock the door. Not a single one of us are talking, all of us zoned in with either headphones on or just waiting and watching. When coach comes we get our lower pads on and assemble our uppers to be left in the hallway. Then we go to the basement. We go into room 12 and coach gives us a pep talk.we watch college football pump up videos and then we all go upstairs and put our pads on. Now we have…show more content…
The referees came over and checked if we all had our proper pads on and told us the rules that there would be no profanity, racial slurs or anything to demoralize the other players. The refs then said “let's have a clean game and good luck to you, the game starts in 5 minutes”. I knew that we were a pretty good team but the other team was a very well disciplined team as our coach described earlier in the week during the scouting film. The game clock said 2 minutes, that meant 2 minutes till kickoff. The other team was going to be good but that wasn't going to take me out of my game. I had one thing to come and do and that was to help my team win. It didn't matter if I didn't score I was still going to push my team all the way. The first whistle sounded and 4 quarters of football have begun. When the sound of the first whistle is blown I now know that there is gonna be 48 minutes of non stop football ahead of me. I knew everything else behind me is now and the past and what's at hand is what I'm worried about. The first offensive play is called and we hurry to the line. I'm gonna get the ball on this play so in my mind I keep telling myself not to screw up. The ball is snapped and I take the handoff and run the ball for a gain of 12 yards. Every snap slowly inching up the field throwing and passing until we are 20 yards away from the end zone. In the huddle our QB calls “929 sweep” “I'm about to get the ball” I think to myself. We line up and our QB calls hike. I take the handoff and I run up in through the hole past the secondary and into the end zone. It gave me a spike of adrenaline. Then defense came in and I was on the sideline slowly sipping water and watching our defense demolish the other team's offense slowly and
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