Personal Narrative: Colorado Brotherly Bash

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Colorado Brotherly Bash It was a nice, warm July morning in Shawnee, Kansas when the Turpin and Burner families started their trip to Colorado. After a long stressful night of packing and getting ready for a six-hour long car ride the journey began. There was not much need for entertainment since everyone was so tired from the long night of suffering and misery. My brother and I started fighting even in the car ride to Colorado because we just couldn 't wait that long without engaging in some sort of physical activity. As soon as the overwhelming car ride was over everyone settled into the three story condo to have more time to have a fun filled activities involving family bonding moments, but my brother wanted to sleep on the bigger…show more content…
The next wonderful morning we all got ready quickly so we could spend as much of the day as possible at the ski resort that we heard great things about we planed to go to for the entire trip. As soon as we got to the ski resort everyone in our group got filled with enthusiasm, and especially when we walked past the main building opening up to a huge hill with a big grey ski lift lifting people from the ground to the top of the hill where you could go down the hill in little carts surrounded by plastic half pipe tubes ending in a whirl of excitement. Since there was only two to a seat on the ski lift me and, the oldest of the other families kids, jake went together. The trip up the hill was not as i expected because jake soon couldnt himself and started to shake the entire ski life wire which also shook the people in front of us and behind us. Eventually we reached the top of the hill where i was the first of my group to go down the halfpipe tube of plastic. The first run wasn 't very rough since it was everyone didn 't know everything that they could do. By the second trip down the hill everyone started going as fast as possible for a more fun experience, but when the people in front of us began to stop on their brakes and go as slow as possible things started to get out of hand. The third trip down the hill ended in a visit to the emergency room, starting with me going down first then trying to stop i hit the unknown girl in front of me. Next my idiotic brother slammed in
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