Personal Narrative: Coming To Indiana Tech Class

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Coming to Indiana Tech wasn’t my first choice till I came to visit for track. The law building really changed my decision because I really want to become a defense attorney. Also Indiana Tech class size is small so it made me want to come more. I like when my professors can communicate with me and know who I am in class. My decision was final. School started August 24, 2015.The first day of class was exciting. You get to take your own responsibilities in class and basically live by you own rules. The first day of English class we got our syllabus. It explained everything we are going to learn in class and how we are expected to pass the class. The first couple of days in class went by smooth we learned about the class in general and how everything…show more content…
We got to discuss the stories we read and got a better understanding of the stories if we read and really didn’t understand. Professor was very understanding if we couldn’t turn in something on time or if we turned in the wrong thing then he would allow us to turn in the right paper. Professor gave us a lot of chances to get our grade up so that we can be able to pass his class or more than pass. Class was the most productive class constantly that I had other than math, pre-law, and criminal justice. I learned a lot in class and that’s the main thing I liked about class. In the class we would stay the full hour and fifteen minutes. There are good and bad things about it to me. My good things were I got to be able to learn more and was about to know what was due the next class time. While my bad things are that sometimes I would be late to a doctor appointment, activation, and therapy because I have to stay in class the whole hour then go change and drop my stuff off to go to my appointments. In conclusion I’m very happy with the class because it help me understand how my classes are going to be when I move up classes. I take English again next semester. I’m probably going to be pooped out from all the essays we did from this semester’s English class, but at least I know how rough it’ll
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