Personal Narrative: Coming To Miami

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Have you ever dreamed about visiting somewhere and you started thinking your life there? Coming to Miami was my biggest dream in my entire life because I see how beautiful it used to be when someone came anywhere from the US and how other people treated them with respects. I guess all immigrants dream about coming to the US, although not everyone wants to come to stay, but I know for sure everyone in other country would like to visit one day. I grew up in a small city with my Mom and my Sister where life was kind of hard for us because My Mom was a single Mother that trying to raise two kids at that time. I have never had a chance to know my Dad because he came to Miami couple months after my Mom got pregnant. It was a tough life for us back in the city where I was born, but My Mom knew how to do hair since she was thirteen till now, so That was how we used to survive. I remember before I turned eighteen, in two thousand nine, My Dad brought us in Miami. Life could be much easier for us than before only if we had certain things that were already prepared for us before we came, but the only thing that my dad wanted to do was bringing us here because life in Miami is better than Haiti. That was the most…show more content…
Coming to Miami was a blessing for me because I realize so many things that I would not probably be able to achieve in my country. I have the opportunities to have a better life. It gave me experience in life. It thought me how to be a woman although it was though at the beginning, but it was for a good reason. Right now, my biggest achievement is to be a future nurse. I know is hard, but I am going to try all my best to accomplish it. I will take the advantages that coming to Miami gives, and continue until I get where I want to
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