Personal Narrative: Coming To The New Middle School

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“I don’t want to go there!” I yelled. “You should go! With me!” My dad said, “And no more rejection!” I remember that one of the most serious quarrel with my dad was because I needed to go to a new school. Even I didn't have any prepare to adapt to a different place. I felt very hesitated. I never heard that before my dad bought the tickets. I was mad because they didn't have to discuss with me. I knew it was not right but I could not control my emotions. So I asked myself, “What could I do when I live there? Could I handle all that change?” In the beginning of the school day. I came to the new middle school to take a CELT and math test. I came from China and I knew my English was not good. So when the teacher asked me the question about the CELT, I felt nervous and embarrassed; I just shaken my head and said, “I didn't know.” After finish, they gave me a math test to finish in a half hour. They gave me two graph papers and lead me to a closed room to start the test. It was a very funny experience. I never knew the graph paper was draft paper before I came to the United States. I thought maybe it was an important paper. So I didn't use this to count the numbers. When I finished the test, I just stayed in the room to wait the teachers were coming. I waited for 15 minutes but nobody came, so I…show more content…
I am waiting for them to come the room and take out my test.” I replied. When they finish the assessment of my level. They gave me a school bus card. So I took the school bus and said goodbye with my parents. Someone came to my set that who come from China and said, “Hi!” I was so excited and unquiet in my heart. But when I wanted to talk with them and give a friendly impression, I just did nothing on my face, like a poker face, and nodded my head, and stopped breathing. Even I felt I was going to die. I thought I was nervous for talking someone else. At that time, if I screwed up my courage and said, “Hi!” Maybe something will more
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