Personal Narrative: Comparing Myself In A Soccer Team

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Reflective Narrative
Imagine I was running intently down the soccer field and when I got to the goal I fired off my best shot only to realize I missed and the ball landed right in the goalies hands as if it was meant to be. Then as I walked off the field I thought to myself that would have been such an easy shot for all my other teammates but I missed. Comparing yourself is bad all in its own especially when the person you are being compared to has more experience and lots of advantages over you cause it can lower yourself esteem next time try not to compare yourself, practice, and know you tried your absolute best.
Practice doesn’t make perfect in my opinion because everyone can always improve and learn to get better, even professionals. For example my brother and I play soccer. We practice once every week but, we can still get better. Anyways my brother is 15 years old and has played since he was 3 years old where as I on the other hand am 13 years old and has only been playing since I was about 10 or 11. Not only is he older, he’s played for longer, and him being male also gives him an advantage a very slight advantage but none the less an
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For example when I compare myself to my brother it lowered myself esteem and confidence in playing the sport of soccer. Also I was unmotivated and didn’t strive to do my absolute best, I figured he is better than me and always will be. Never think that way instead I should’ve admired him and strived to be as good as he is and learn from him. To compare yourself would be to limit yourself to standards set by you or maybe even someone else or a group of people (ex. Social media or the media in general). Next time you fail at something learn from that experience and strive to do better next time. Always be confident, unique, and true to yourself cause somewhere out there maybe even closer to you than you think there is someone comparing themselves to
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