Personal Narrative-Compliments In Elementary School

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I was walking through the halls of my elementary school watching as the other girls and boys reluctantly walked to their classes. I nervously walked to my classroom, and sat in my alphabetical seat next to the same boy I was always forced to sit next to, I waited to hear my name as the teacher started to call attendance. It was finally my turn, but my name was never said, however the name I did hear was my sister’s. At this point the name mix up was a regular occurrence, but every year I still hoped that it would be my name that I heard. I felt like a broken record having to correct not only teachers, but other people who would mistake me for one of my older sisters. As I got older and the problem continued to occur, I knew I had to separate…show more content…
Whenever we introduced ourselves to people we were always told that we could be triplets. I did not see this as a compliment as I wanted to be an individual. All three of us were involved in the same sports so I decided to play different sports that they had never done like basketball and softball. Even though I was not good at first I was happy to do something that they had never done. Even though I had finally started to differentiate myself, as I got older I was still getting asked the same questions about my sisters . Besides going to the same school as my sisters, we all did different things. While my sisters decided to do what they were comfortable with, I decided to get involved in the school by trying out for field hockey, applying for student ambassadors, and joining the spanish and yearbook club. This allowed me to be in a place where I made a name for myself and not have to be compared what my sisters had done. I always felt like I had to go to extreme measures to separate myself from what my sisters did: whether it was trying to get better grades, or trying clubs they had never done, none of it seemed to work. Not being able to find that one factor to make myself different from my sisters soon began to frustrate me, however as I got older I saw all of the accomplishment that I had made on my own and also, what my sisters have been able to do.
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