Personal Narrative-Confidence In Soccer

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Lacking self-confidence can decrease one's' eager to learn, ability to focus, and the wish to take risks. I've always been a person who was shy and lacked self-confidence. Even if everyone else thought I was the best at something, I somehow found my way to feeling self-doubted. I tried blocking out the doubt several times, but I just don't happen to feel myself.
It was August 2008, on a breezy afternoon I decided to join the soccer team nearby. I whatsoever did not know how to play soccer at all. I tried and tried to kick the ball into the goal, but it just wouldn't go. It would just keep going to either left of the goal or the right. If the ball even reached near the goal, the goalie would end up catching it. I had to practice and practice for weeks to learn how to kick the ball into the goal, with the goalie blocking the
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The park in one circle is about 1.2 miles. My goal was 2 miles. A reach mistakenly thought to be a breeze.
I thought it'd be easy because it wasn't too hot out. But after about 1 mile I was feeling a pain that I've never felt anything like before. The enduring feeling of a broken waist, burn through my lungs, and the need for so much water. The failure to run 2 miles bothered me so much. I felt so disappointed in myself. After that, I decided to make it my goal to keep running every day until I could reach the distance without stopping. I literally forced myself to wake up at 6 am just to run. I had to drink water more than I usually would. I took a water bottle with me where I went to stay hydrated.
After 2 weeks, I finally reached my goal. The satisfaction scrutinized me. I had proven myself that I'm capable of running 2 miles. Who can say that I can't run more than 1 mile? Even 3, 5, 6, 8 miles. Sophomore year, when I was in Cross Country. My mile time went from 8 minutes to 6 minutes. I couldn't believe my eyes. Every finish of a run started to feel like some kind of
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