Personal Narrative-Confidential Surgery

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It was April seventeenth of my 6th grade year. I was going to have eye tooth surgery at Western Lake Erie Oral Surgeons. Traveling in the car on Friday morning, I had butterflies in my stomach. Thinking about it made my gut twist, turn, and rumble. I saw the building that we were pulling into and noticed that it was right next to Ralphie 's. We got to the parking lot and I was exhausted. I didn’t have any energy because I wasn’t allowed to consume anything at least 12 hours before I would have the surgery. They made this rule because they didn’t want my stomach to get upset. We walked in the door to the building and my dad propped the door open for me. My whole body felt very shaky, and uneasy. It felt like I was about to go take huge test, or it was the…show more content…
The numbing started to wear off, and I felt tingling in my mouth. A little while later my dad helped me get off the bed into a wheelchair, and he wheeled it to the car. He lifted me into the car and made sure I was comfy with my pillow and blanket, and shut the car door.
On the way home the numbing completely wore off of my top lip and my mouth was throbbing with pain. Whatever they did to the roof of my mouth was not very comfortable. We had to stop at Kroger to pick up a prescription that had recently been filled. I slept the rest of the ride home waking up every so often to look out the window to see if we were any closer to home. We finally reached our house and my dad opened the door for me and carried me to the recliner. He grabbed me a fleece blue and pink tye dye blanket, and fetched my pillow from my bed.
My standard poodle Ziggy came up to me and rested his head on my lap. I always feel like he can sense when I’m sick, or don’t feel good. I pet his fluffy hair on top of his head parting it in different directions. He continued to sit there waiting patently until I was done petting him. Eventually he repositioned himself on the floor and sat
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